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You only get one Yoni. Connect with the Goddess in you and Treat her royal. Cherish and Celebrate your sacred parts with The Yoni Magick Collection, which includes 1 Yoni Steam, 1 Yoni Oil, 1 Yoni Bath bomb and a white tea light candle.


The Goddess Gift Set comes with all of your essentials for women's wellness. Each package contains a Yoni Magick Steam, Yoni Magick foaming wash, Yoni Magick Oil, Yoni Magick Bath bomb and a white tealight to honor the goddess in you.


  • Yoni steaming is an ancient herbal treatment. Not only does it cleanse and restore the vaginal physically, but the benefits are spiritual and emotional as well. It's known to be helpful in aiding in the removal of old stagnant energy from toxic relationships as well as traumas.

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