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Tabbatha Ennis

Founder of Melanin Magick LLC

 I am Tabbatha Ennis. I am a mother, a spiritual reader, healer and medium from Brooklyn, NY.

I’m no stranger to the spirit world. As a little girl I could see, feel and sense spirits around. I  frequently had dreams/premonitions that would would come to fruition. Feeling frightened and overwhelmed by all of these occurrences, I began to ignore and suppress my gifts. It wasn’t until adulthood that I would cross these paths again.

Shortly after giving birth to my oldest daughter, I began to see she was experiencing some of the same things I did as a child with spirit. She could see and sense spirit and just like me it scared her. Growing up I didn’t have anyone to talk to about the things I saw and felt. I wanted different for her. I decided I was going to learn everything I needed to learn so that I could guide her, teach her and protect her. This was the beginning of my spiritual journey.

Through meditation, mentorship and the ancestral guidance of my spirit team I began to accept my spiritual gifts and learned how to use them. I watched them quickly develop and grow. I am so grateful for all of the beautiful souls I’ve met along the way.

I created Melanin Magick LLC in 2019 with the vision in mind of using my new found passion and purpose in the assistance of helping and healing others. I am here to provide services to those in need. I absolutely wholeheartedly love and enjoy what I do.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me.

Tabbatha Ennis
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