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Magickal Manifestation Planner✨

A manifestation planner can be a powerful tool to help you manifest your goals and desires. Allow me to help you stay in alignment with the year you envision ahead.

This 99 page organizer is no standard planner. It runs January 2023 through December 2023 and is designed to keep you organized through your week, month and year. This manifestation planner includes Additional pages such as self love affirmations, 30 days of gratitude, self care checklists, shadow work prompts and journal pages. It also has information on the magickal days of the week and new and full moon dates to assist you with your manifesting along the way. All of these tricks and tips will make this book your accountability partner for the year you envision ahead.

*Every Planner comes with a skeleton key pen to assist in your manifestation process.

(Keys open doors, roads and possibilities🙌🏾)

2023 Magickal Manifestation Planner

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